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March 6, 2012
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Once a month (on the first Friday of each month), RipfangDragon features art collected from the month before from all over the site.  Every artist of every media is welcome to participate.
art featured isn't featured based solely on quality, but creativity,
effort, and aesthetics.  Artists of every skill level are featured.  We
don't care about pageviews.

:iconprojectcomment: This article is supported by and supports :devProjectComment:.  :devProjectComment:
is a Group of many projects centered around comments, but, more
importantly, constructive comments.  If you see a piece of art featured
that you like, don't just favorite it!  Leave it a comment! :love:
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Past Issues:
Issue #1: Features July 2011 Art
Issue #2: Features August 2011 Art
Issue #3: Features September 2011 Art
Issue #4: Features October 2011 Art
Issue #5: Features November 2011 Art
Issue #6: Features December 2011 Art
Issue #7: Features January 2012 Art
This month features art from February 2011.

:thumb285072305: Fatal Attraction. by TheMoonMonkey Forever by tickshady ???? by tickshady Cammile by NinjaTertel Brethil by esracolak :thumb284932039: Bluebell by Volneth Valentine Spell by Ouijaplayer On crooked streets by Miguel-Santos Vinyl'ing by MiguelAngeloPhoto Mockingbird by mydigitalmind Even Pigs have Dreams... by saevuswinds Haunting Me by Self-Epidemic Alice in wonderland: The White Queen by kika1983 Peacock tattoo by kika1983 The Mighty Insect Dragon by RavenseyeTravisLacey A Gargoyle in Paris by PapillonParisien Owls in Wonderland by ApocalypticCandy Nights in Nannine by CaitlynEdwards91 "Poot" Monster by Elfedward Flying in Fire by PhoenixLumbre Christmas wonder by Fantasy-fairy-angel Bear in a electrical land by Ohthehumanityplz x - BW by TriinErg Hanne. 2 by AbartPhotography :thumb285418560: :thumb284484535: Gimme Shelter by KodeMaster Hamlet by annsquare Brilliance by tiffntay Orange Breath by tiffntay Year of the Dragon 4 by LukiaLacuna 44 by MowenDesigns Primary Dinos by MowenDesigns Cute Monsters challenge entry by Elise-Lucy Elsewhere, Nowhere by SonikGroove Anti-ACTA II 4 by Zouberi Just Visiting by talprints Remnants by liquiddarkers Scoffield Road by liquiddarkers Waterfall by theman99808 orange unknown by theman99808 Lisbeth Salander (Rooney Mara) by Vishnu-Viz Self Portrait by Zero-Sage Lady Innovator by Zero-Sage Hardest of Hearts by Zero-Sage And the God said... Let there be Smoke... by Bobby-Sandhu Bow to Me by Disdainful-Loni Cupid's Got His Targets! by Milkycat Love Letter by Milkycat Nynaeve al'Meara by Milkycat WATER WATER EVERYWHERE by AgentDax WHOS SCRUFFY LOOKIN by AgentDax TRANCE by AgentDax What is a Bunny in a hat supposed to look like? by bunnykins89 Small Glass Vase by PenelopeRockhopper Obsessive Compulsive Disorder by PenelopeRockhopper Dementia by PenelopeRockhopper TrueTime by SirCrocodile Stereo Hearts by Shrineheart Plush WIPs of sorts by pupukachoo Teefs Journal Skin by admx You fill me up by admx Rainbow of Frozes by AFrozenHeart Ripped apart by AFrozenHeart molto bene by AFrozenHeart Speedpainting: Lagoon by KristenPlescow Speedpainting: Leap of Faith by KristenPlescow |Sphinx| by h-eri ds: i'm never gonna know you now by hchan ds: a drowning by hchan Survivor by GodsDragonGirl Four footed fashion by GodsDragonGirl Alley Stalkin' - Blake and Anita by TwodeeWeaver LoL - Murderous Intent by Khalia1114 let the only sound be the overflow. by iscariotic Ominous by Yuhon Escureixito by relssaH Remilia Scarlet by yonakisuwa Lesch-Yeyan Triplet by RayEtherna Sobek 1.0 by RayEtherna SATSUKI by Judicial-Noir KAYA by Judicial-Noir :thumb286959493: Spell the night by MacGreen Cat Knot by ArandaDill CAIN by CoranKizerStone Bitch Plz... by Demonic-Haze Com - Mermaid Romance by TonomuraBix Batside-down by el-roacho Grandmother Death by JoJo-Seames Composition on wood - no title by Mefitica :thumb284787870: Daydreams and Memories by ScENeYmE Fancy by greenhairedfae

Art Done For Me

Once a month (on the first Friday of each month), `RipfangDragon features art collected from the month before from all over the site. Every artist of every media is welcome to participate.
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